Flexible Page Sizes

Many sites fix the width of their pages to suit a window size of 600 to 700 pixels. This makes it much easier for the site authors to provide a consistent layout. Unfortunately fixed-width sites are difficult to use for visitors looking at the site on small-screen devices, such as on personal organisers or mobile phones. People viewing such sites on large screens can also find that there is a lot of wasted space.

HTML was originally designed to transmit textual content without enforcing any particular layout. This feature can be used to allow pages to display well on a wide range of screen sizes.

Fonant designs sites to make use of the flexible layout of HTML text. Our sites are free to fill the whole window, to maximise the screen usage, whilst also allowing the pages to be resized to fit smaller windows. We also check that the pages will display well in the Opera browser in its small-screen mode, as used on personal organisers, mobile phones and many other devices.